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Whether you have specific fitness goals or you’re just looking for something fun and healthy for your dog to do, we always start with an evaluation. During the evaluation, we will evaluate your dog’s posture, how they sit, stand & lay down, as well as how they walk at varying speeds. We can learn where they may have structural or muscular deficiencies and this will help us customize a fitness program for your pup!

If you’re just looking for something different, something fun and something healthy to do with your dog, that is AMAZING! We love adding enrichment opportunities into your dog’s life!  Fit Dog offers individual, group and fit camp programs designed to bring you all of the tools you need to have your pooch live their happiest and healthiest life through every stage from puppy to senior!

Once you complete the New Client Form, we will contact you to schedule an evaluation.

*Please note, Canine Fitness Training is a compliment to veterinary care and is not meant to treat or diagnose. We are NOT certified in rehabilitation or physical therapy so our Fit Coaches will not work with dogs suffering with pain, dogs with an existing injury or dogs that are recently post-surgery (until fully cleared by a veterinarian and/or their surgeon to do fitness).*


Evaluation Fee $50